Chris' career behind the camera actually began in front of it. He and his wife Leanne met in 1993 as they were both involved in the world of fashion and sports modeling for a local talent agency in Portland, Oregon. This enabled them to travel all over the world to some amazing locations. Along the way, Chris' desire to document these experiences deepened into a true passion for photography. 
It started in Mexico, where Chris and Leanne were engaged. He photographed children playing on the beach and captured the vibrant colors of tropical flowers. Their travels through Europe inspired a series of photos; colorful doors against the white washed landscapes of Greece, an old couple having coffee in Italy, and a young mother buying vegetables at an outdoor market in Paris. 
In 2002, when Leanne became pregnant with their first child, Chris captured the essence of her beautiful new look in a series of portraits. It's stunning just how artistic a pregnant woman can be. Now, along with the priceless job of raising two young boys, he has discovered the joy of photographing babies and children as they quickly grow. 
Chris Lewis Photography is a Pacific Northwest company based out of Portland Oregon. Chris is a member of the Professional Photographers of Oregon and he has a unique mix of traditional and Photo-Journalistic styles of photography.
Chris offers professional photography with a twist. His artistic ideas, creative style of photography, and 8 years of experience behind the camera combine to capture unique angles and candid moments surrounding your special day or event. He would consider it an honor to create a storybook for you through his photographs.
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